The Chore-Time® VALEGO nest is specially designed for the broiler breeder sector.

The nest is designed to stimulate the natural behaviour of the hens and have them produce a maximum number of high quality, clean, hatching eggs. Combined with correct management, the number of floor eggs in a Chore-Time® VALEGO nest are minimal.

Cleaner eggs, less cracks, less downgrades.


• Nest materials allow for easy cleaning and disinfection.
• The nest is made of first-class film faced plywood.
• Ventilation space between roof plate and back wall for better climatic conditions.
• Dirt falls through small holes in the open nest mats.
• Roof plates can be opened for easy inspection and cleaning.
• An anti-perch profile is placed on top of the nest.
• Patented ClickFrame® under the nests.
• Perforated egg belt with round holes.
• Patented expel system gently moves the hens out of the nest.




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