Designed to achieve healthy birds and great results

Butterfly® is a completely new concept of feeders for poultry. This system provides the right amount of feed for your birds while preventing them from entering the feeder.
The results are impressive – the Butterfly® feeder turns standard panel feeders into yesterday’s technology.
Updating the system is as simple as removing the panel feeders and replacing them with Butterfly® feeders.

Adjust all feeders at the same time.

By turning the winch in a straight line, the size and depth of all trays can be adjusted to provide the birds with the correct amount of feed – without scattering – at each stage of growth. This eliminates the need to adjust the trays one at a time, significantly reducing labor time and operating costs.

All feeders in the house can open and close in seconds!

With a half turn of the winch, all feeders on a line open up simultaneously for feed removal and cleaning.

Benefits of Butterfly® Feeders

• Birds do not enter the feeders, which protects the feed from contamination with faeces.
• The feed does not spill beyond the feeder, which contributes to a lower feed conversion rate and higher profits.
• Higher survival rates and reduced scrap further improve bottom line results.

Butterfly® feeders installed correctly leave more free space on the floor,
thus giving the birds more space to move around.



The Butterfly® feeding system will allow you to obtain maximum production results.

More information on the Butterfly® feeding system