For excellent production results and bird health.

Water plays a critical role in attaining and maintaining optimal egg production. The key to superior performance is a Ziggity Commercial Layer System that delivers the right amount of clean, fresh water to your birds all day, every day.

The Max8 drinker was designed exclusively for layers with most parts exclusive to this drinker model. It delivers the right amount of water layers need without oversupply.

Max8 features result in a drier environment that minimizes ammonia release, resulting in healthier birds and improved egg production.

Install the advanced Ziggity Max8 system in your egg production and see the difference in production results.

Max8 Drinker Benefits

• Heavier shut-off ball is less likely to rattle off the seat when bird movement causes vibration, reducing the chance of seepage.

• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel components for long life.

• Exclusive twin-lock design keeps drinkers secure on pipe.

• Hardened stainless steel insert prevents drinker wear.

Perfect water pressure regulator

Delivers high water volume at the low pressure required for no-spill drinking. Built-in flush valve makes for easy removal of sediment, biofilm and air.

The largest 1″ water supply pipe on the market

Industry’s largest water-bearing pipe has virtually no obstructions for more effective flushing



A set of Ziggity watering system management procedures that will allow you to get maximum production results.

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