The Comfort 2.0 aviary system is an open, multi-tier system making optimal use of the space. Perches, feed, and water are situated at different levels in the system to stimulate the natural behaviour of the birds.

The Comfort 2.0 aviary system meets the needs and capacities of the modern laying hen.


• Applicable for free range and organic housing.
• The natural behaviour of the birds is stimulated. Feed chains are installed on different tiers. Water lines are always in front of the nests. There are perches on top of the system.
• Standard equipped with LayMaxx nest.
• An egg tray along the slats. This is for the collection of first class system eggs.
• The system has a long life span.
• Red-mite unfriendly design due to open structure of the system.
• The manure belt is equipped with a self-cleaning return roll.

Optimum welfare for the birds, a hygienic environment and good working conditions for the farmer.

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