The parent flock consost of large birds that hit the drinkers with much greater force. At the same time, those big birds need enough water to meet their needs.
BIG Z drinkers are designed to provide clean water necessary for the parent flock, while maintaining dry litter and slats.
Because BIG Z drinkers are much larger and last longer than conventional and standard drinkers, they are also much more resistant to wear and do not leak.

Ziggity BIG Z parent flock watering system considers the difference in size between females and males.
BIG Z drinker for males

This drinker dedicated for males is placed much higher than for females – so high that the females cannot reach it, therefore a shield is not necessary.

Shielded drinker BIG Z for females

A dedicated shielded drinker for females promotes watering at the right angle to minimize water leaks – this is especially important when males try to drink from the hen’s drinking line.

Big Z drinker benefits:
• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel components for long life.
• Twin-lock design keeps drinkers secure in the drinker saddle
• Hardened stainless steel inserts helps prevent drinker wear


Perfect water presure regulator

Delivers high water volume at the low pressure required for no-spill drinking. Built-in flush valve makes for easy removal of sediment, biofilm and air

The largest 1″ water supply pipe on the market

Industry’s largest water-bearing pipe has virtually no obstructions for more effective flushing.



A set of Ziggity watering system management procedures that will allow you to get maximum production results.

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